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Www. Carefree spirit art.com
Paintings inspired by the love of animals and people caring for animals. I create photorealistic or impressionist paintings using acrylic washes and pastel details, pastel paintings, colored pencil drawings and mix media art. I support nonprofits to raise awareness and support for animals.

My animal and people paintings are usually photorealistic work and I may use pan pastels and other pastel materials by creating an under painting with pan pastels and adding details with soft pastels, hard pastels and pastel pencils. I also use suede mat board and colored pencils for a very photo realistic work of art. More impressionist but realistic paintings are done by using acrylic washes and paints as the under painting and adding ground medium then several layers are added of either charcoal pencils, pastels in a variety of mediums and/or additional acrylic painting. I also create some of my work with oil pastels. Great photo references are important to me with highlights and shadows. I want the reference photo to speak to me emotionally. When this happens - I am truly moved by the spirit of the eyes of the subject. In the beginning - I sketch out painting to ensure placement and proportions are true to image.
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