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2017 Calendar Show Winners 

We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Calendar Show who will have their art published in the 2018 Piedmont Pastel Society Member Calendar.  For those of you not present to receive your check award, I will mail them this week. 

Thanks to everyone who participated this year and congratulations to the following people.

    Carolyn Bohn - Splash (August)

    Malia Bryngelson - Washington (September)

    Katherine “KC” Cobb - The Onlooker (December)

    Jay DeChesere - Charlie’s Bunion (May)

    Nancy Marshburn - two paintings: All Tied Up (January) and Maine Rocks!      (October)

    Karen Mello - Complimentary Flowers (April)

    Betty Morgan - Market Vendor (March)

    Laura Pollak - Open Fields (November)

    Deborah Rasberry - California Gull (June)

    Patty Russell - Blue Heaven -  Best in Show (Cover)

    Anne Strutz - two paintings: Dancer (February) and Wild Flowers (July)

Every judge has their own style when judging a show.  Tom looked for nuances in value and subtle changes in the shadow areas of the painting when he judged.  He challenged us all to avoid being predictable with respect to the horizon or putting the subject in the center of the painting.  Overall he was impressed with the quality of paintings across all skill levels.

This year we have two members that won for both of their paintings.  Tom was not aware of the artist’s name as he judged because we had the names covered.  In addition, we had fewer entries this year, which exasperated this scenario.  Because some members expressed concern over the same individual winning twice, we’ll take these concerns into account when we plan next year’s show.

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